From the archive 140 -1981-

1981 AP

1980 press

Bassey, Shirley

3 thoughts on “From the archive 140 -1981-”

  1. Not her best look, I remember that press conference, at time of ‘Love Songs’ album-her first album for 3 years after leaving U.A. in 79′. The 80’s was not Shirley’s best recording era.


  2. Shirley had been very ill and the 82 tour was postponed. the problem with leaving a long term contract is finding a better replacement. Record companies never appear to be there, even in part, for artistic reasons just to sell the maximum number of units. Even an artist of her standing and world wide fame is subject to this mentality. I recall her saying that this album was called `ALL BY MYSELF` but in the UK it had been issued as `LOVE SONGS` and she wondered if it was because Barbra Streisand had an album on release of the same name. The artist should have more control over their work but of course any expression of disquiet is seen as being `difficult` no wonder Shirley has talked about the `frustrations of the business` .My nickname for DSB has long been the chameleon as she emerges in yet another` look`. This LP cassette has some fine work on it and some songs featured on the tour and the ITV special `A SPECIAL LADY`.


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