From the archive 145 -1986-





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3 thoughts on “From the archive 145 -1986-”

    1. Good for you Larry. I know it was a great show. Did you get to say anything to Dame Shirley? Did she seem like a genuinely friendly, person? What was your impression?


  1. Like you Larryinnyc1 I was also there that particular night on Broadway. This was a the grand opening of this theater and Ms. Bassey said, ‘ I’ve closed a lot of concert halls as the final act, but this was the first time I’d ever been asked to open one’. The comedian George Kirby was the hysterical. This was a special concert that stands out in my mind because, as I once wrote on this blog some time ago, I took my then wife to see it with me during a surprise weekend of festivities. She was not a Bassey van, more along the lines of Anita Baker and Pattie Label. But after the show, she said something to me like, ‘now I get what you see in her- because she really can sing and perform’. Hey Larryinnyc1, do you remember the part during the concert Dame Shirley was so into a song she didn’t realize that one of the inflated pillars behind her began to deflate and seemed as if it were going to topple onto the stage? I remember everyone gasped for a moment and then realized it was no real danger and the audience began laughing and pointing to it. But Dame Shirley just carried on without missing a beat. I got a few good photos of her on stage that night, including one very nice one of her up close giving out flowers to the audience. Wow so long ago, she’s timeless and, ‘we still got music’ coming from her- LONG LIVE THE DAME!


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