♫ Dame Shirley Bassey’s New Single Now Available ♫ #WeGotMusic + Get The Party Started

Dame Shirley Bassey’s divine rhythm continues, her latest single We Got Music by Dario G is now available from Amazon, 7-Digital and iTunes!! ‘From The Archive’ will be taking a short break as we concentrate on new Bassey history being made with this exciting new record.

As Philip kindly summarised here on the message board, this week has potential to break both Bassey and UK Chart records. Even if you are not a fan of electronic music, please download the single everywhere you can to show your support.

Official Charts Tweet Bassey

We Got Music QRs

Today, appropriately, we are also playing Get The Party Started Soundscape Remix, on a sad note though as we mark two years since the premature death of Danae Jacovidis, who remixed this track for the USA audience.
Dame Shirley Bassey Get The Party Started

15 thoughts on “♫ Dame Shirley Bassey’s New Single Now Available ♫ #WeGotMusic + Get The Party Started”

  1. I tired to download it with no luck now having to deal with Amazon to get a refund which is a real pain in the  butt!   Never tired to pay and download music.   I want the CD When will it be out on CD?



    1. Dear David, put into “favorites” from the Bassey Blog then you (I think) will be able to play and burn. I did this with great success.

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  2. Roy…Shirley is keeping abreast of the times and has come al ong way since ‘As I Love You’…she is sensational up to date for someone in her seventies. Don’t get too stuck in the past!

    Liked by 1 person

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