[POLL] New Single by Dario G and Dame Shirley Bassey #WeGotMusic – HIT OR MISS?? YOU DECIDE!!

Whether you like the new song or not, everyone in the UK with access to the internet can help make history this week by downloading ‘We Got Music’ and giving our beloved Dame Shirley Bassey her first hit of the 2010s and a record breaking 57 year span of singles chart hits.

@dariogofficial & Dame Shirley Bassey team up on #WeGotMusic. Can it give Dame Shirley a 57-year span of hits

In February 1957, Bassey had her first hit with ‘The Banana Boat Song’ and the last one was ‘The Living Tree‘ in 2007. Fellow WordPress blog Chart Chat UK have some great analysis of this week’s UK chart contenders/the competition!

The WGM download single is available from Amazon, 7-Digital, iTunes and other legal sites too. If outside UK use the following link to download from your local iTunes store: smarturl.it/WeGotMusic

9 thoughts on “[POLL] New Single by Dario G and Dame Shirley Bassey #WeGotMusic – HIT OR MISS?? YOU DECIDE!!”

  1. a Stunning hit , the great Dame has demonstrated that she might as well be 47 not 77 is almost irrelevant oh for another concert a London season ? imagine this at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL ….. SIMPLY FABULOUS


  2. I want a CD I do not download music. It is beyond my computer skills
    Tried to do and had to demand my money back from Amazon.
    No CD no sale. One you have the CD it is forever you do not loose your files if you computer crashes etc.


    1. Appreciate your frustrations. Music is on the cloud these days! CDs decay after a number of years, no system is perfect but at least we can all enjoy the song on YouTube 🙂


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