From the archive 148 -1989-

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3 thoughts on “From the archive 148 -1989-”

  1. What a great article Pieter…you have really outdone yourself with this one. Oh, how I wish I could have attended at least one concert. Maybe she’ll have a tour in Toronto again, then I would be able to go. Love the lovely gowns Dame Shirley is wearing in each photo. Don’t have performers like her any more…LONG LIVE DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY. Thank you for the great article Pieter and all.

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  2. Astrid, Pieter, Dave, & Ed,
    Thank You for ALL that you do, making The “BASSEY” Blog
    So enjoyable, so informative, keeping Our memories Forever
    Fresh of Our Legend “Dame Shirley BASSEY”. (.The Archives
    are so enjoyable,)
    Dame Shirley & Dario G “We’ve Got Music” is right on time after
    A long record-cold-snow-breaking -January 2014
    The Music Beat lifts you spiritually , Dame Shirley Amazing
    Youthful well controlled Instant Recognizable Beautiful Voice
    Does it. All .
    “Thank You”Dame Shirley for The New Release.
    The Hunger For The BASSEY Voice, Will Forever BE !!!

    U. S. Michigan Bassey Blog ( daily) Viewer


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