From the archive 150 -1991-





1991 Duesseldorf Germany Philipshalle
1991 Duesseldorf Germany Philipshalle (picture by John den Outer)

5 thoughts on “From the archive 150 -1991-”

  1. Thank you Pieter and blog staffers for this informative posting. Being that I’m a New Yorker, this article means a lot to me. I was just out of HS, and still in New York in 72, 73, and 74. At the time my mind was focused on College, work, etc., so I missed out on these great concerts. I really don’t think they were publicized in certain daily newspapers as they should have been because I’m sure if my father had known of these concerts he would have let me know being that we both loved her music. Emitt might know more about this than I.

    Thanks again Pieter.


  2. Every revue of a Shirley Bassey concert I have read has always been full of praise and I just wondered if she ever had a bad revue?…Nah! not possible. I have been fortunate over the years to see her in concert many times and she has always given 100% and left the audience wanting more. A true superstar!


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