From the archive 154 -1995

1995 S

Concert poster
Concert poster



4 thoughts on “From the archive 154 -1995”

  1. What a great article Pieter. What a lovely compliment the writer gives to Dame Shirley, that she is a very nice down to earth woman. Thanks Pieter and all the Blog team for really outdoing yourself with this lovely posting. I know Dennis Welch will enjoy reading this because I believe he attended one or several of these concerts in Jersey.


  2. Hello Ladies ,
    Yes I am Thrilled You are Thinking of me , I have just Wrote to Pieter & am updating him on the 1993 & 1995 Concerts in Jersey & my Current Dame Shirley News , i hope i am not to late to give my 1995 inpute to the Blog for Pieter ,,Keep your eye on this space , Jill i am over the Moon,just knowing You & Claudia & Maybe Julie Are all Tuned in,. Pieter Asked if i had any input to the 1995 Jersey Concerts I hope my Danny la Rue story & photo At the concert are of interest,
    My Love & Devotion & our Continued Dedication to the GREATEST ENTERTATAINER Of All time Is PARAMOUNT , I Love DAME SHIRLEY & Ladies You ARE THE TOPS , , You Are My Genuine FrIends



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