DSB at the 2014 Monaco Rose Ball

Some photos of a great looking Dame Shirley Bassey at yesterday’s Monaco Rose Ball


Rose Ball 2014 In Aid Of The Princess Grace Foundation In Monaco





15 thoughts on “DSB at the 2014 Monaco Rose Ball”

  1. Thank you Pieter. What great pictures. Who is the man always escorting Dame Shirley to these events. They make a nice looking pair. Dame Shirley looks gorgeous, and very happy.


  2. I have all the Shirley Bassey shows, Imagine Programme, Proms etc recorded either on video or held on the Sky Box, I think I may get a DVD Recorder and try and transfer them all onto Dvd (somehow)!! It is such a pity that fans from around the world cannot get to see some of the stuff that the BBC SOMETIMES!!! shows on Television. The shows do not look the same on You Tube.

    Also I was quite shocked that last year, there was not much mention either on T.V or within the press about her celebrating 60 years in the business.

    Dame Shirley looks amazing (again), in the recent photographs.

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    1. Hi JULIE,
      I can Help you , I Will Be In TOUCH with you TOMORROW ,
      [[Don,t rush out & buy a D.V.D Recorder ]]


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    2. Hi Julie.

      Yes, Being a New Yorker I really missed out on these great programs. I’m still keeping the faith that Dame Shirley will come and perform in or near New York City. Take care!!!


  3. Absolutely true to the mark Ms. Julie. Not much mention at all about 60 years at the top of her art in show business, It’s just down right indecent. But “We Got Music” by her still- oh sweet revenge. Also who mixed up the records to now say that The Dame is over 75, when she looks like mid 40s?- LONG LIVE THE DAME!

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    1. Hi Emmit I agree with you. Maybe because she is in tax exile status, and that’s her forever punishment, by not getting the recognition she really deserves in the UK. Glad she’s happy anyway, and doesn’t seem to care about those who purposely neglect to mention her.


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