Fun Friday

Today some entertaining videos by Kyrlia Goldstone featuring the incredible vocals of Dame Shirley Bassey.

Thanks to Kyrlia for these fun creations. The animated format could work well for Dame Shirley’s latest dance hit We Got Music too, let’s hope this and many more Bassey classics will be given the special video treatment.

5 thoughts on “Fun Friday”

    1. Hello Allen, I’m not sure to be a look-a-like, I mean to be fair to this great artist, being a cartoon, I respect her so much, so I chose to be myself in the avatar mode ;). I know Dennis since he made some comments about our videos, so it was a pleasure to dedicate one of them.Bary5 also is a great fan. He recently got an photo with her autograph thanks to my friend M.D. living in Montecarlo.
      Here another song….very Bassey.


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