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6 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 191 -1975-”

  1. If I’m Quick Pieter, I May be the First to leave a Comment, SORRY CLAUDIA, [ Love you really,] I know how You must have felt to Receive your Letter from Dame Shirley Pieter as you know I have also Had that HONOUR, one word TINGLES when you Read it, then Look at the Signature,


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  2. Thank you Pieter. Great article. Wow, aren’t you fortunate to have received a letter, and been able to attend her great concert/s. I remember when I first heard that song “I’ve Seen Good, Bad, But I’ve Seen Beautiful”, I was not to long out of my teens…but I just loved, and still do love that song and album. Pieter Have you written her since that time, and get a reply letter?


  3. I love the track “Living” from that album. She knows how to interpret a song like no other artist, except perhaps Dorothy Squires!

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    1. Hi Kenny, like you I also love the track ‘Living’, And Also Greatly Admired The Brilliant MISS DOROTHY SQUIRES, Sadly MISSED. Such a Talent not only in Concert , But her Song Writing, the Lyrics of so Many of her Songs were Heart breaking, of course the love of her life Sir Roger Moore , were the Reason for that, as well as other personal Tragedy’s , I have so many Of her Singles, The 60’s saw quite a few, Releases , as well as her L.Ps & C.Ds Which I Play Regularly.
      Dorothy , Like Dame Shirley, know what Tragedy,& Heartbreak, is in life, they have BOTH Experienced it Because of the Men they have Loved & Lost. But its because of there Heartache, they Have always been able to give such Dynamic Performances to us, Their Loyal Fans,
      I love A quip Dorothy Made on one of her live Recordings , the 1970 Palladium , or the Live at the Dominion , We Clowns , where she says do you like my Gown I Found it in Dame Shirley’s DUSTBIN , The Great miss Dorothy Squires.


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