1977 D 1019usvariety


5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 193 -1977-”

  1. Dame Shirley Had a Complaining Incident at BIRMINGHAM ODEON Theatre U.K ,also in the late 70’s which was As She , & [RIGHTLY SO], Said Her Fans Paid Good Money to see her Performance , & who gets the BAD PRESS when her Concert is Reviewed In the Press AFTER Her CONCERT, [ NOT THE SOUND OR LIGHTING TECHNICiANS , ] The HEADLINES READ,I DAME SHIRLEY GIVES A POOR PERFORMANCE, AT LAST NIGHTS CONCERT, So LIKE YOU PRUETTE, I am with You All the WAY

    Dennis Jersey CHANNEL ISLANDS

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  2. I think most of her fans know she is a fiery piece. They didn’t call her the Tigress of Tiger Bay for nothing. I have seen her in a temper and wow! you wouldn’t want to be on her wrong side but I like that dangerous way about her. She is so gracious on stage and wonderful to her audiences though and with a talent like hers she is allowed to be as bad tempered as she wants. (within reason) LOL!

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  3. I recently attended a Cher reunion concert, and the musicians on on or two songs played the music so loud that it overshadowed the words to what Cher was singing, and did seem to discourage some in the audience from staying for the full concert, so I can agree with her concerns. Maybe her temper during rehearsal, and concerts became a bone of contention between her and Sergio. He seemed to be a man who wanted her to project a more patient and less feisty image. Thank God that with age comes more maturity, and self control.

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