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London circa 1980's. Shirley Bassey and manager Beaudoin Mills in MayfairLondon circa 1980's. Shirley Bassey and manager Beaudoin Mills in Mayfair

8 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 196 -1980-”

  1. Mr. Kinnersley doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What a gross critique about Dame Shirley. Thank God she didn’t take him seriously, and is still performing and thrilling audiences today. I wonder what relationship she and Mr. Mill have today. Great pictures. Thank you Pieter.

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  2. I saw Dame Shirley in 1980 ( Coventry ) She was in fine voice and looked beautiful…..Even though no longer together, Sergio was in the theatre before Shirley came on, he was checking the sound in all areas !
    Mr Kinnersley gave a nasty /spiteful report.
    33 years on…..Dame Shirley gets a standing ovation at the Oscars ! !
    Hope you saw that Mr Kinnersley !

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  3. This is the first negative review of Bassey I have read. I have seen her many times in concert and she has always given 110%. Kinnersley obviously has no idea what true talent is and as John says the standing ovation at the oscars and also the success of The Performance must have him eating his words!

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  4. Ouch! That must have hurt a bit! It was my understanding, and I am sure that I have read or heard this somewhere, that Shirley very much DID take this kind of critique seriously although I have a feeling it was another critic who lambasted her for her ‘strangulated vowels and facial contortions’. I have to say that to some degree I concur with them. I thought that from about 1976 to the early 1980’s, her on stage mannerisms were almost comic although funnily enough, her triumphant 1979 TV series was a huge exception. When I saw her live, for the first time, in 1982, I seem to remember that all of the mannerisms I was expecting and that had become her trademark and reason she was such an impersonated singer, seemed to be much diminished. We all know that Helena Shenel forbid the aforementioned ‘strangulated vowels’ etc and we all know what huge benefits it brought to her magnificent voice, on stage power and musical credibility.


  5. I agree Paul, she went through the period of exaggerated slanted mouth movements which I did not appreciate. I think Kinnersley’s review is harsh. By the way, we know the name: Dame Shirley Bassey, but until today I had never heard of Simon Kinnersley, and as far as I am aware he ain’t no Knight of the Realm. I think that says everything.


  6. Mark You Said it all, In the LAST 39 Words,,,, SIMON WHO ?
    You are so Right,{ THAT SAYS EVERYTHING , A KNIGHT ,? NO CHANCE. ]. You have to have Some Sort of Talent To get to BUCKINGHAM PALACE, No More to be Said, [ SIMON WHO } ?

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    1. Didn’t see anything wrong at anytime with her expressions, or strangulated vows. That’s what makes/made her the Icon she has always been, and will continue to be


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