1982 AI (blog)

Photos by John den Outer


4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 198 -1982-”

  1. Think we can do without the negative reviews…
    Lets concentrate on the great artistry of this Grand Dame
    and leave ignorance where it belongs…..
    Enjoy the photos and videos though. Thank you


  2. Agree. Mr Thorpe would probably make a great politician, I think. A lot of words, but not really saying anything that actually makes any sense 😉


  3. The reviews are all part of the history of an artist. This one was so `wide of the mark` I know because I was there. Most reviewers after the seventies do not understand an artist like Shirley or her very wide appeal. Constructive criticism should be welcomed. No true long time admirer if any artist can possibly like everything. The finest review of Shirleys was published in the `Sunday Times` 1976 (United Kingdom) .It was reproduced on the cover of `the Shirley Bassey Collection vol 2`

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