Stunning New Photos of Dame Shirley Bassey at Amber Lounge Gala

Dame Shirley Bassey photographed at the Amber Lounge 2014 Gala at Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel on May 23rd in Monte-Carlo.

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Recent reports of DSB performing at this week’s World Music Awards have been denied by Bassey Office who kindly advised us that Dame Shirley will NOT even be in attendance at the event.

10 thoughts on “Stunning New Photos of Dame Shirley Bassey at Amber Lounge Gala”

  1. She certainly does look lovely but why oh! why is she not going to be at the ceremony to receive her award? No-one deserves it more than her and what a great way to celebrate her 60th year. It would have been good to have seen a video clip of her receiving it and looking so stunning.


  2. Very true Terry. Probably doesn’t want to be included with Miley Cyrus. Also, could be because she wasn’t even mentioned in the advertising announcement. I really don’t blame her…what an insult.


  3. Hey fans of Dame Shirley, you all know by now, in this wacky world of trashy entertainment thrown at people, where the untalented and trashy are overrated, they always snub the Truly Great One’s unfortunately, Bassey is the absolute Greatest and they all know it- so LONG LIVE THE DAME!

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