Below a bootleg video of Shirley Bassey performing at the Royal Festival Hall in 2002. Songs performed are ‘I’ll Be Your Audience’ and ‘A Lot Of Living To Do.’

2002 Belfast a

2002 Belfast b

8 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 218 -2002-”

  1. 2002? unless I missed this the seasons were 1994,1996,1998 and 2000. Shirley demonstrates just how she improves on the original recordings and `freshens` the act with unexpected inclusions


  2. The clip was just great ! Thank you, and…..seeing Shirley perform some songs in the early 60s I think her performance of ( Living to do ) shows how she perfected on what was great to what is brilliant.


  3. Wonderful to see this Dame Shirley clip doing what she does best….
    Live performance, sharing her great gift with a captive audience…
    Thank you for this treat.


  4. I am really about to be a victim of a heart attack! My God how wonderful it was. My name is Eddie Vicious ahahahaha. And I want moooooore.
    Terrific, brilliant and how chic is Dame Shirley. i am a proud of this lady more and more…Is there a continuation of this or other show from early 2000? Thanks for that Great Pieter.


  5. Such a tragedy these great concert were never recorded for dvd release, these are the Shirley songs, the ones the general public don’t see DSB perform! I think this concert is 2000.


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