2006 D


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3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 222 -2006-”

  1. Pieter, blog staffers…you’ve really outdone yourself with this great article and the slide show. She does look pretty in the yellow. I hope I will be able to get down as low as Dams Shirley does when I hit 65, let alone 70…LOL!!!


  2. These shows clashed with my annual holiday in Italy. But I flew back twice, to Manchester and Wembley!! It was more than worth it, as always she was utterly mesmerising and on top form. Great to see the slide show which brought the memories flooding back. Thanks a lot , love this blog.

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  3. Yes I was at this Concert in WALES, On the 6th of June 2006, We had flown over from My home In JERSEY C.I Especially to See Dame Shirley in Concert at the CARDIFF ARENA , & to see Friends Who live in Wales,. As Always she was SPECTACULAR in that Beautiful YELLOW CREATION by JULIAN MACDONALD But Julian is Mistaken about The Dame not having worn YELLOW BEFORE ,
    The Gown She wore In 1963 at BIRMINGHAM TOWN HALL , Was BRIGHT YELLOW,, Where I was Photographed Presenting DAME SHIRLEY with a Cuddly PANDA for SAMANTHA Her Youngest DAUGHTER ,Who dame SHIRLEY was To give Birth to that Following AUTUMN in 1963.
    Shirley made a Joke about the Stage not being Swept , She Said Look at the HEM on the Train of her BRIGHT YELLOW DRESS It was Badly Soiled , I have had it DRY CLEANED TODAY And we all Laughed, Sorry Julian , But Your Creation For Dame Shirley Was By far More SEXY & GLAMOUROUS than the 1963 Gown .


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