New Photos – Radiant Dame Shirley Bassey at London Restaurant

Dame Shirley Bassey 23 Jun 2014 01

Yesterday Dame Shirley was among celebrities visiting Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in Marylebone, London. The event was reported by irreverent celebrity gossip site, Holy Moly, who remarked “Fortunately, Dame Shirley Bassey was in town to up the glamour factor, OMG” as demonstrated in our photo slideshow below…

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15 thoughts on “New Photos – Radiant Dame Shirley Bassey at London Restaurant”

  1. Thank you Pieter and all blog staffers. You’ve outdone yourself with this posting. What lovely pictures. Dame Shirley looks very pretty, healthy and happy. Do I see her boyfriend Prady Balan in the car there trying to hide his face? Hopefully there is something in the air such some concert deals.

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  2. My mother remembers spending time with Shirley as a child in the summers in Skegness. My mum has lived in the U.S. for quite a long time, and didn’t even realize how famous Shirley had become.


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