This post concludes the fourth series of ‘From The Archive’. There will be a break before I start with the new series. I want to leave you all for this series with some great photos of Dame Shirley Bassey taken this year and a fantastic medley of DSB remixes including the new 2014 release, We Got Music, mixed with some earlier Bassey hits. I hope you all enjoy the music and we will leave all options open for new things to happen for 2014 isn’t over yet! Who knows what other exciting things we can expect during this year?




5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 230 -2014-”

  1. Thanks Pieter to you and your team that keep all of we DSB fans connected to Dame Shirley….You do a great service to Dame Shirley and I just love all the great things you post. …thanks so much…

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  2. Your breaks are always in order and well deserved for your wonderful efforts on this fantastic blog for fans of The Great Dame. And let me say, these snippet remixes were: S L A M M I N !! Thanx.


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