Dame Shirley Bassey Live at the Royal Festival Hall

Note: For today a re-post of the great bootleg video found on YouTube some time ago. It says the video is from 2002 but judging by the comments it is more likely that it is from the year 2000.
Dame Shirley performs two great songs and this is how we know her and have seen her over the years. No televison show can display what we see here. The Dame doing what she does best: performing in concert and enjoying herself with her audience.

Below a bootleg video of Shirley Bassey performing at the Royal Festival Hall in 2002. Songs performed are ‘I’ll Be Your Audience’ and ‘A Lot Of Living To Do.’

2002 Belfast a

2002 Belfast b

11 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey Live at the Royal Festival Hall”

  1. It May be a Bootleg , BUT DAMN IT ALL , I LOVED IT , ITS BASSEY as we Know Her , GREAT PERFORMANCE , GREAT SONGS , i just say Thanks For Posting it to us .


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  2. The two photographs are from Dame Shirley’s performance in Belfast..Nothing to do with the Royal Festival Hall.


  3. I love this clip , Dame Shirley in good form !

    I have tried to hear what the guy shouts to her but cannot make it out.
    Thanks for the clip. 🙂

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  4. The Royal Festival Hall seasons were among the very best and became mini London residency seasons ( do not recall this gown/wig combination but as they reached 10 nights no wonder). The combination of an ideal purpose built concert hall (cool inside), having interval drinks on the terrace overlooking the River Thames and comfortable seating with reasonable leg room and good sight lines demonstrated that Shirley was at her best eg: not too far removed from an audience. I heard her say once that the venues were now too big. In effect she was doing 3 nights on and one night off, although one year she played HAMPTON COURT PALACE in the middle of the season. One night former Prime Minister John Major and his wife were present and were seen coming from backstage prior to taking their seats. Looking back I enjoyed it all but there is something about emerging from this hall into the night air and wishing you could go out for supper rather than having to get a train…. but all the way home clutching your brochure and with the music swirling around your mind, relaxed yet exhilarated such is the `live` power of the incomparable Shirley. Special memories a sensational `BORN TO LOSE`, `YOULL SEE` bringing the audience to it`s feet, the `BORN TO SING` entrance later seen on the Royal Variety Show, `WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER` , `AS I LOVE YOU` `LA PASSIONE` One of the evenings in 1996 was recorded `live ` and broadcast on BBC RADIO 2 as part of the 60th birthday celebrations the following January, and a song about London by Blossom Dearie and who could forget the entrance in the sensational Spring green (Darnell) gown, rather light but impeccably made and worn by this true superstar. Doug was there that night. Such wonderful memories.

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  5. really wonderful footage – thank you so much for sharing this, but I agree with comments made, this i do not think, was at the London Royal Festival Hall at all – I was there and Shirley was not wearing this awful wig I can assure you, this wig was made famous some years before at an open air concert when her hairdresser was off and she had to donn on a wig from somewhere else in the dressing room- you certainly can see it does not represent Shirley’s glamour but it was an emergency and she “SHOW WENT ON!”- and Terence, yes , she did indeed wear the crystal lime green Douglas Darnell dress on the night in question, I can tell you the “sparkells” flooded the whole concert hall all the time- it was mesmorising and totally a sight to behold- it was the same green dress from one of her earlier albums and she looked and sounded absolutely stunning – she actually broke the record at that venue- TWELVE SOLD OUT CONCERTS! thank you Shirley x we will never see the like of you again…


  6. sorry to disagree but the original Darnell green gown dates from at least 1973 ( see the Royal Albert Hall BBC TV special 1973 and worn as above on this BLOG TITLE.) there are pictures on facebook of the new green gown. There is a lime green outfit seen on the Des O’Connor Show (you tube) but I think this was an Isobel Kristenson(spelling?) creation. Both of the earlier ones were in the gown sale at Christies in London in 2003. There was an open air concert at Blickling Hall, Norfolk when her wig had been damaged and her hair was `dressed` by a local hairdresser.


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