[REMIX] Dame Shirley Bassey – All just a little bit of History Repeating

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  2. …And oh yes, this Great surprise of a of a smash hit, with all that funky up beat unusual jazz!! Funny In all my more than 25 years of having moved out of New York to South Carolina, where music like Gospel, Soul, Country, Blues and the rise of Hip Hop Rap dominate the airwaves and clubs; only 3 times have I encountered an interest in Shirley Bassey, without my prompting. (1) a British woman in Irmo S.C. knew of her and was crazy about “The Rhythm Devine”. (2) A dance club I’d occasionally go to in Columbia years ago called the “The Art Bar” (which is no longer my haunt because of the very changed atmosphere), but nevertheless would occasionally play this very song, and the crowd would jump! (3) and very recently a homeless man who is climbing back up to better prospects saw me with a Shirley Bassey shirt I’d purchased many years earlier while she appeared at Carnegie Hall, commented to me enthusiastically, “I know who that is, she sings History Repeating!” I was shocked because I expected the usual “Goldfinger” comment on her- if they’ve heard of her here in S.C. at all, because it’s very rare. Ever since that day some 2 years ago this disenfranchised gentleman who’s now getting on his feet, Thank God, would occasionally remember me helping to serve food at the park on that day, and he’d always say something like ‘good morning sir and remember- “it’s all just a little bit of history repeating”. So recently when I was helping at one of the servings I acquainted him with, ” Slave to the Rhythm, We Got Music, and Get the Party Started”. The gentleman told me recently he has all the songs programed into his music set and listen’s to them every day going to work. Isn’t that something?! But here’s the strange thing, when I can, I occasionally babysit a 5year old grand niece – daughter of my niece. When this niece was about 7, she and her sisters along with my daughter would crack me up imitating and Dame Shirley’s moves to videos or songs I’d play at home. The One song that they were crazy about then was “Goldfinger”. I couldn’t get them out of this mood for long, before they’d be begging me to put on “Goldfinger”. More than 20 odd years later, my daughter is a huge Bassey fan also, My niece is mildly interested, but remembers doing “Goldfinger”. But about 3 months ago, when her daughter (the 5 year old grandniece) started coming to my home occasionally, to quiet her down from crying about mom leaving her temporarily with me while she works- I’d put on all kinds of cartoons. They’d do the trick for awhile. But as God is my witness, I decided to put on the videos “Shirley Bassey Live in Atlantic City” , “Shirley Bassey Live in Cardiff” and “Have voice will travel”. Now this she’s hooked! When ever she come’s over she say’s ” Granduncle, after I have my snack please put on Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger”. I kid you not it never fails. And after I do one of those video’s or play a recent cd of Ms. Bassey’s for her, and it’s all over, I know to leave the living room, because she’s gonna do an interchange of “Diamonds are forever and Goldfinger”, and maybe “Get The Party Started”. GO FIGURE.

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    1. Emmit, I really enjoyed hearing your story. It just proves music has no boundaries, and Dame Shirley’s music is classic, soothing and eternal. Emmit would you happen to have any extra copies, or could you make me a copy of Shirley Bassey in Atlantic City. Can the others be purchased on Amazon? Is that the Atlantic City 1990 concert, which is really great. If you can make me a copy/s I would be happy to pay for it. Please reply. Thank you!!!

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    2. Hello Sbettybooi, I finally managed to make it back to the library, since I am busy again these days- but only momentarily longer. Thanks for your nice comments to me. Actually I do not have any extra copies of these performances. “The have voice will travel” was a type of documentary/ interview with Dame Shirley and was copied from television for me back in the mid 1990s and the quality was let’s just say “satisfactory” for me, it could’ve been better. But I have it only on video, as the other two actual concerts are as well. The ‘Atlantic City’ concert was better sound quality because it was directly recorded from a cd, but the ‘Cardiff ‘ concert’s sound came in and out- but for me it was ok. I really would not mind making you a copy of any of these performances, but you’d have to give me a little bit of time to get on it. No problem. As far as payment, I wouldn’t charge you for it, only the postage at that time. As far as I can think, this ‘Atlantic city concert’ was recorded back in 1990. I don’t know about any of them being available for purchase anymore right off. But in the meantime, you might want to contact a somewhat famous & favorite record store of mine here in Coluumbia S.C. called “Pappa Jazz” at 2014 Greene St. Columbia S.C. 29205. tele# (803) 256-0095. They specialise in ALOT of ventage and modern material and have a very good overrall track record with me for ordering things- sometime even hard to find materials. Thr main owner there is agentleman named Mr. Tim and he knows me, since I’m primarily the onle one who would ask them to order me alot of Shirley Bassey material in the past. Maybe they can even get something for you on dvd compared to my videos- which I do plan to transfer to dvd eventually. So hope that’s helpful to you in the meantime when I am back at home again and can contact you on this status. Much best wishes to you- Emmit.

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