Today With These Hands which was the B-side of the single The Party’s Over.


1960 AJ NMEBassey18thMarchA3Cover

1960 P NMEBassey4thMarch

1960 Y NMEBassey11thMarch




With these hands, I will cling to you
I’m yours forever and a day
With these hands, I will bring to you
A tender love as warm as May

With this heart, I will sing to you
Long after stars have lost their glow
And with these hands, I’ll provide for you
Should there be a stormy sea
I’ll turn the tide for you, and I’ll never
No, I’ll never let you go

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 243 -1960-”

  1. This is more like it; I just love her singing this. It’s a pity she doesn’t bring out a new CD covering these old masters in her current voice and set with good orchestration I think it would be wonderful.,,,, dream on I suppose!

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