Dame Shirley Bassey At Abbey Road Recording New Studio Album

Some exciting news.. According to the Tweets below by orchestral violinist Russell Gilbert, Dame Shirley Bassey is back at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London today recording a NEW ALBUM!!

24 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey At Abbey Road Recording New Studio Album”

  1. It is excellent news providing it is not a remix album or re recordings. Never mind an Anniversary Shirley is timeless. Perhaps she has been collecting songs and is sounds classic if stings(a violinist) is involved.

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    1. You can guarantee, Terence, that Shirley will only have the very very best of musicians behind her. Russell Gilbert is a leading violinist, amongst other orchestras, with the National Symphony Orchestra.

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  2. I think it’s true.
    A friend of mine that is inside the Italian show biz told me one month ago that a spanish producer told him that Shirley Bassey was in the recording studio.
    That moment i was in doubt about it…


  3. I’ve been listening to an album a week backwards from The Performance – a fab way to wind down from a busy week. A new album would be quite the Christmas present. Fingers crossed this happens.

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  4. I will take any new music from Shirley and I would love see her do a Christmas recording/cd and a new CD.
    I would really love to see Shirley come back to the States for a few concerts and lost of notice before the tickets go on sale so I could have a chance to save up enough money to attend. I would like to see once more before I die and I am get old and my health is not the best.
    We can pray for a Miracle that she comes over for a tour. I have a stupid dream of hitting the lottery and Hiring to do a concert in the states.
    told you it was Stupid but….
    I find it hard to believe in all the years that Shirley has been recording that she has never recorded a Christmas CD

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    1. We can pray that she does David. I wish she could have a CD/DVD combination. Then you can watch in the comfort of your home at any time. Will pray your health improves David.

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