New Photo – Dame Shirley Relaxes With Funny Boys

After being rumoured to have finished recording her new studio album, Dame Shirley Bassey has been photographed on Facebook with friends at Funny Boy’s. Let us get straight to the point: Looking fabulous and so refined, we hope vivaciously attired DSB had lots of fun, fun, fun and laughs, laughs, laughs at this cork-popping evening!

9 thoughts on “New Photo – Dame Shirley Relaxes With Funny Boys”

  1. Well, she looks happy and rested, and that’s great to see. I have to take a visit to Monaco, it must be (besides being expensive) a very scenic and wonderful relaxing island. Enjoy yourself Dame Shirley Bassey, you deserve it.

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  2. She’s not “at” Funny Boy’s which is not in Monaco but in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. I suspect the gentleman in the yellow jacket is “Funny Boy”!


  3. The times I queued to get tickets at The Odeon New Street in Birmingham. Our lovely Shirley was worth all the waiting and I saw her many times. Dame Shirley Bassey worked hard all her life to entertain us and I wish her well. Please come and see us soon Xx

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  4. shirley basseys looking fab i went to see her twice in manchester but unfortunately on second visit i had my drink spiked and was asleep all the way through never seen a thing just wish i could get another chance to see her one more time x

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