[POLL] Recent DSB Hit Mixes ♫ Rebeat versus Dario G! ♫ + DavidB’s Album Musings

Anxiously anticipating more news about Dame Shirley’s new album and pondering what type of music it might contain, I just downloaded Rebeat’s mix of ‘If You Go Away‘ from iTunes where it is featured on the ‘Buddha-Bar XVI’ album by DJ Ravin. I was surprised to discover just how popular Rebeat’s remix of the classic Bassey recording has been, out-performing DSB’s latest official collaboration with Dario G in terms of plays, views and social media activity online, despite only one prior post on the Blog! Another fun poll to see what you think…

It would appear from the fact that an orchestral violinist was employed that the focus of the new album is not necessarily going to be EDM (Electronic Dance Music!) Personally what I would like to see on the new album are a couple of songs I’ve want Shirley to record for a little while now.  ‘He Needed Me’ is one of them.  I have always liked this song but when I first heard Shirley sing it I thought she brought new life to it.  When I saw her sing it live in concert shivers went down my back.  The other song I would love is called ‘When You Believe In Love’.  The Italian version is called ‘Caruso’ but Norman Newell wrote English words to it and changed the title.  It was recorded by Michael Ball on his album ‘First Love’.  When I first heard this song I wanted Shirley to record it.  I can just imagine how her powerful voice would sound when singing the chorus.  We all know Shirley still has the depth, power and passion in her voice and I know she could really carry this song.  I think it will remain a dream of mine though.  ‘I’m Still Here’, ‘Here’s To Life’ and ‘Summertime’ have all been mentioned to me by fans hoping they might be done.  Paloma Faith (who is also signed to Sony) said in a recent interview that she has recorded a duet with Shirley so I guess that will be on a new album.  Let’s hope that it’s true an album has been recorded and not just the duet with Paloma and let’s hope whatever the new album contains it will help Bassey’s unique voice reach even more new generations of fans.

You can read about my collection of CDs (plus those of my friend and fellow fan André Boon) on ‘The Ultimate Collection.’ All the CDs on there actually exist as we have copies of them.  I also have more CDs which need adding.  Must get it done.

Leave a comment to tell us which song(s) you hope to hear!