New Dame Shirley Bassey Photo From Abbey Road

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6 thoughts on “New Dame Shirley Bassey Photo From Abbey Road”

  1. Just wonderful to see the Dame behind a recording mic at the Abbey Road Studios. Lets hope she was surrounded by talented musicians and arrangers who helped her to record new songs as only she can do.

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  2. She looks so happy to be there. I’ll take that as a good sign. I can now get “officially” (more) excited, yes? BTW this blog is fantastic and the cause of my lost productivity – click on one post, then another and another.

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  3. It would be nice if a ” proper” full orchestra would be present, as Dame Shirley always sounds so much better
    When accompanied by a full orchestra- none of this pre recorded music. Having said that the last album ” The Performance the orchestrations were pre- recorded and Dame Shirley added the vocals ( beautifully I must say!) At a later date. Let’s hope eh!
    I remember the days of Geoff Love and Nelson Riddle, ah those were the days
    Sweet music, sweet orchestrations and that simply awesome fabulous voice of Dane Shirley!!!

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  4. Thank you blog staff for submitting this great photo. I am very happy for Dame Shirley, and agree with Rob. The musicians, and arrangement should be of Dame Shirley’s caliber. She should also have a great deal of say about what and how the songs should be arranged and all since only she knows best.

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