[REMIXES] Round-Up of New and Re-Discovered Shirley Bassey Mixes!

Starting with this unofficial 2005 remix by De Rigueur of Kanye West ‘Diamonds Are Forever,’ from Youtube channel The DJJade…

Then, another remix of Diamonds Are Forever by DJ Ciotti…

And finally, Shirley Bassey sings to tell the story of Slovenian fashion! Jewellery designer Hana Karim invited Warehouse Collective to her hometown Ajdovščina to be a part of ‘Trendologija’ (Trendology) – a series of events which focus on Slovenian fashion. This video features the incredible AwayTeam remix of ‘Where Do I Begin’ and was put together to celebrate the occasion.

One thought on “[REMIXES] Round-Up of New and Re-Discovered Shirley Bassey Mixes!”

  1. Thank you very much Blog staff. I really enjoyed the Where Do I Begin video presentation. I liked the beat of the DJ Jade remix, and DJ Ciotti’s remix beat was good, but should have injected more of Dame Shirley singing throughout the remix.


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