Ads On The Bassey Blog – Unreserved Apology

Sorry to you all for any offence or intrusion resulting from the advertisements that appear on The Bassey Blog. Unfortunately these are out of our control and decided by the provider WordPress.

It has been brought to our attention recently that ‘inappropriate’ ads have appeared for some visitors. We deeply regret any embarrassment or interruption of enjoyment this has caused.

The only way to remove the ads is by upgrading WordPress, but this costs $99 USD per year which we cannot afford. If there are any big spending, ad-loathing fans out there who would be interested in gifting us this upgrade, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks to those who raised concerns. Your feedback is valued.

12 thoughts on “Ads On The Bassey Blog – Unreserved Apology”

  1. The message is highly appreciated. Fortunately, I am not that easily annoyed or shocked. I did notice however that when two links are provided for the same video, one of them usually links to quite ‘naughty’ clips… And I don’t mean naughty the Bassey way 😉

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    1. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by the videos. It is because 123videos turned into a porn site and we are removing the links bit by bit but there are so many. Pieter

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  2. My GOD momentarily back for a break before hitting the road again, and the Blog aired a remix that at least shows the appeal of Bassey’s material to younger crowds who go for that kind of stuff. Very few ever really hit it right with her material- that’s how distinctive and untouchable she is. So for the most part I don’t usually get it. But all in all, thanks blog for your continued great efforts, and comment on the inappropiate clips and efforts in that regard too. “Oh Lord when will it stop?” Much love to you all and ‘keep the music playing- Bassey is forever’!

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    1. Hi Emmit, glad you are well. I was wondering what happened to you. By the way I reached out Papa Jazz record shop and was able to get Goldsinger, it’s on the way to me this week. So thank you for giving me that information. Well, be safe where ever you are going.


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