Berlin concert 1987

Shirley Bassey live in Berlin in honour of 750 years of Berlin in 1987

For this weekend you can watch the full Berlin concert from 1987 in very high audio and video quality. I know I am early this weekend with the weekend post but I will be away for the weekend and hope you enjoy this concert.

From Ian our ‘Gown Guru’ about the dress Shirley is wearing for this concert:

This gown was designed by Sara Perceval around 1983, Sara did all of the lace chiffon gowns for DSB in the 90’s. We call it the Cockerel Gown for obvious reasons. The gown was worn at Blazers in London in 1984, on British tv in 1987 and in Berlin in 1987 and several other occasions in the late 80’s. It was sadly destroyed in a fire in the early 90’s!


Almost Like Being In Love
Never Never Never
If You Don’t Understand
Arthur’s Theme
I (Who Have Nothing)
New York New York (Medley)
You ain’t Heard Nothing Yet
Born To Lose
I Am What I Am
Send In The Clown
Diamonds Are Forever
There’s No Place Like London
When You’re Smiling
Hey Jude
My Way
This Is My Life

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