trkl013aOne In A Lifetime is a song from from the 1965 album ‘Shirley stops the shows’. With the Orchestras of Johnnie Spence, Johnny Scott, Tony Osborne, and Kenny Clayton. Re-released on CD in 2010 ‘Bassey – The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979’


1965 K





Just once in a lifetime,
A girl knows a moment.
One wonderful moment,
When fate takes his hand.

And this is my moment,
My once in a lifetime.
When I can explore,
A new and exciting land.

For once in a lifetime,
I feel like a giant.
I soar like an eagle,
As ‘tho I had wings.

For this is my moment,
My destiny calls me.
And ‘tho it maybe
Just once in a lifetime,
I’m gonna do great things.

6 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 273 -1965-”

  1. well…YES…we CAN hear that talent…and by someone whom I know, and is ready, who can do “A Tribute to Shirley Bassey”, on tour, and a movie …those interested…please send me an e-mail…thank you!


  2. I hope Dennis can confirm what I have to say !

    The colour photo of Shirley is when she wore what she called ( The Cardinal set ) Designed by Doug Darnel’s sister !

    It was stunning to see in concert !


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    1. Sorry John , For the Delay in my Reply, But YES It was Doug Darnel’s Sister Who Designed [ THE CARDINAL SET ] She was also very Talented, THIS CONCERT WAS EVERYTHING AND MORE ,,, A DAME SHIRLEY FAN COULD ASK FOR , There’s, NO PLACE LIKE LONDON,, Who could have put that song over to have Given the Message after the I.R.A Bombings THAT LONDON was O.K For the TOURISTS to Visit the U.K , BUT DAME SHIRLEY, ? NO ONE ,
      SAD that it was Announced Yesterday that LYNDSEY DE PAUL who wrote that song For DAME SHIRLEY TO PROMOTE LONDON was Safe again,, DIED AT ONLY 66, R.I.P.


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