Seesaw Of Dreams was the B-side of the single  No Regrets. It was included on a 1971 compilation LP titled The Fabulous Shirley Bassey. It has been included on compilation CD’s as well. Recorded with Johnny Scott & his Orchestra on November 3rd 1964.

Seesaw of dreams

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Seesaw of dreams when I dream;
Yes! No! I am trapped by you!
Up high dreams fly, love me more!
Never! Always! Don’t wake me!

Sun! Rain! Day! Night!
Joy! Pain! Dream!
Cry time! Laugh time!
Stop – time please!

Love me darling,
Don’t leave me!
Seesaw of dreams,
Dream with me!

Softly, gently,
Love me more!
Seesaw of dreams,
Dream with me!
Seesaw, seesaw,
Seesaw, seesaw,

1965 U