Concert from Egypt -1998-

Shirley belting out in front of the pyramides of Egypt!

ÄgyptenFor this weekend you can enjoy the full concert Dame Shirley Bassey gave in Egypt on the 7th. of October 1998. The concert was held in aid of the education of the children of Egypt. With behind the scenes reviews of the organisers of the concert.  This concert was recorded a few weeks prior to her TV-special ‘Viva Diva’. I hope you all enjoy this great concert and have a wonderful weekend!

A special THANK YOU! to Tina La Martina from France, one of the organizers of the Egypt-concert, for her pictures, comments and help on putting this great concert together.


Songs: Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, As I Love You, Johnny One Note, Never, Never, Never, You’ll See, Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me, Big Spender, Something, I (Who Have Nothing), History Repeating, La passione & New York Medley, Hey Jude, My Way, I Wish You Love & I Am What I Am.

A photo of Shirley Basssey and Sherin Yousri and Yasmin Vetter in Monte Carlo at a charity gala, one year before the concert at the pyramids.
A photo of Shirley Basssey and Sherin Yousri and Yasmin Vetter in Monte Carlo at a charity gala, one year before the concert at the pyramids.


Here is the story about the concert from Tina La Martina from France:
Concerning the concert at the Pyramids, I worked on the team of Phoenix International Corporation in Cairo with Sherin Yousri and Yasmin Vetter. It was a wonderful experience. We were staying together with her impressario and the impresario’s brother at the hotel “Meridien” in Cairo. I remember that Shirley had forgotten her cigarettes on the plane, and I had to look for Lucky Strike during the night with my driver, all around Cairo. Nothing was ready for the concert and it was scary because on the day of rehearsals with her beautiful orchestra that came from London specially, every one was nervous and confident that we were heading for a disaster. It was the time of Ramadan and workers on the scene worked slowly and respected the pause required by their religion. Any organization was a challenge because of problems with customs, corruption, misunderstanding, but our tenacity, our professionalism and our hard work won. Journalists from all over the world on this occasion, were able to interview Dame Shirley during the afternoon, as if everything was going well. The concert was a triumph. All tables purchased were very expensive, and all tickets for the show were sold. The final fireworks before the Sphinx of Giza crowned the success of Dame Shirley.
Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak has been able to finance a social project for children through this spectacle. Despite all the difficulties encountered during the preparation of the concert, Dame Shirley proved to be once again a true diva.






About the dress Dame Shirley is wearing for this performance from Ian (the Gown Guru):
This dress we used to call the Mermaid dress! as it gives the appearance of a mermaid! It was designed in 1992 for DSB by Doug Darnell. Shirley wore it many times in the 90’s. This was it’s last appearance I think in Egypt, it was worn on the U.K. show at the Royal Albert Hall in 1992, it can be seen on the video ‘An Audience with’ from 1995. This gown was not sold at the auction in 2003, as we believe it is the gown that Doug Darnell chose to keep, it was one of his personal favourites, and Dame Shirley gave it to him, for all his hard work over the last 50 year’s.

Shirley about her meeting with Madonna (co-writer of You’ll see):
Of all the stars you’ve rubbed shoulders with, some of them must have been boring as hell. Or just plain nuts. Who was the most disappointing?
-That would have to be Madonna. I thought she was going to be as outrageous as her videos, but I met her at a function and she was very quiet and really rather disappointing.-


5 thoughts on “Concert from Egypt -1998-”

  1. Pieter, Debra. Once again you have really outdone yourselves. I really enjoyed this archive. Thanks to Tina La Martina for the intimate details of the concert preparations, etc. Thank you Gown Guru for sharing your knowledge in regards to the gown that Dame Shirley wore. I really enjoyed this very, very much.


  2. Pieter, Debra. thank you very much. The sound is good, unfortunately the video quality is not so. But, anyway, thank you very much, indeed.


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