Somehow & Excuse Me

These two songs were the most discussed Dame Shirley Bassey songs on YouTube when I uploaded them for the first time many years ago.
The song  ‘Somehow’ from the Royal Albert Hall concert from 1973 and ‘Excuse Me‘ from the 1972 documentary ‘All about Shirley’.
These two clips take everybody by storm, including Shirley, because of the huge power and emotion she puts in them. It is always nice to show these two clips to people who don’t know Shirley and her music very well. Also because they are not the most obvious choice among all the other well known songs she sings live. They are little secret-hidden-surprise songs.
I remember a story about Liberace. He bought an 8-track from Shirley’s new album at the time: ‘Something Else’. He was driving home by car while playing ‘Excuse  Me’ and got so overwhelmed by it that he had to pull his car to the side of the road.  He could not concentrate to drive. The police almost arrested him because he was parking in an illigal zone.


7 thoughts on “Somehow & Excuse Me”

  1. Pieter, Just Two Words, THANK YOU,,,Said a Million Times.For these Classics Still trying to lose the GOOSE BUMP’s
    It was Great,, Paloma Faith,who was A GUEST , on THE SHOW , SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE PALLADIUM, This Weekend , Said she had done a DUET WITH THE GREAT DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY ,,Bring on the PUBLICITY,,,ALTHOUGH The Video with SHIRLEY & HER LOVELY DOG EMMA, Doing DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND, Will take some Beating [ Bassey ] At her BEST..


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  2. `Excuse Me ` is one song I would love to have heard in concert, it musty have been exhausting to perform. I thing the performance at THE TALK OF THE TOWN (BBC SPECIAL) is indeed `something else ` the passion behind “you just don`t……..” is simply extraordinary. I was at the Royal Albert Hall when `Somehow ` was recorded ( and those days Shirley gave 2 shows per night in 16 cities (1972), albeit a shorter act.

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