She’s Still Here! DSB New Album Release Brought Forward + New Official ‘Making Of’ Promo Video

The release date for Dame Shirley Bassey’s new album “Hello Like Before” has been brought forward – The Standard CD Edition and Deluxe CD Edition will now be released November 17th. The date for the Vinyl Release remains unchanged on Amazon so far.

The press release below by HJPR was kindly shared with us by Sony:

One of the most iconic and indelible voices in British music. Dame Shirley Bassey returns with ‘Hello Like Before,’ her first album in five years & most personal yet, celebrating her very own Diamond Jubilee of an incredible 60 years in the entertainment business!

Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios with producer and musical director Stuart Barr at the helm, ‘Hello Like Before’ is a collection of some of the greatest songs of the 20th century – songs that Dame Shirley has always longed to record and finally been able to imbue with her own Bassey spellbinding presence.

This tour of Dame Shirley’s own personal musical history includes the likes of Sting’s ‘Englishman In New York’, Nina Simone’s ‘Wild Is The Wind’, The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’ (on the deluxe edition) and ‘It Was A Very Good Year’, made famous by Frank Sinatra and of which Dame Shirley says “When I was 17 I was too young to do this song, and when I was 21, and 35 … I’ve waited all these years to do it.”

The scope of the album charts the entire range and variety of Dame Shirley’s life and career. From the fun and sassy, to the theatrical, to the epic and emotional. ‘MacArthur Park’, in particular, was difficult to record – Dame Shirley admits “I broke down with emotion in the rehearsals for this, couldn’t finish it … I want it make everybody cry”. There is also a stunning duet with Paloma Faith on the timeless ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’.

One extra special moment during the creation of the album occurred when Dame Shirley came to recreate the song that arguably introduced her to the world as a bright-eyed girl from Tiger Bay, the unmistakeable sound of her first James Bond theme ‘Goldfinger’. “I got a couple of notes wrong originally! After 50 years I got the chance to re-record it and get it right. It was great to record it in Abbey Road, wearing a gown!”

With an unparalleled career in show business spanning over sixty years, Dame Shirley Bassey has done and seen it all, performing for the likes of Royals and Presidents, being met with rapturous applause on worldwide stages from the glamour of Las Vegas to the mud of Glastonbury.

Throughout it all, Dame Shirley’s immediately entrancing voice has matured and richened to ensure she remains even more vibrant a musical force than the day she first stepped into the spotlight. Quite simply, ‘Hello Like Before’ is Dame Shirley Bassey at her very best.

Dame Shirley Bassey - Cover Image for Hello Like Before

15 thoughts on “She’s Still Here! DSB New Album Release Brought Forward + New Official ‘Making Of’ Promo Video”

  1. WOW…WOW AND BLOODY WOW!!!! AMAZING. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU SAY? also I have read today Dame Shirley is not very well and will not attend the awards tonight. I wish her a speedy recovery. xx

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  2. Thank you so much Bassey Blog staffers. You have outdone yourselves with all this great information. What a lovely picture of Dame Shirley Bassey. I am so happy for her. Thank you for the video, and the article with the poignant words of Dame Bassey. I pray she will be well and sing for many years to come.

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  3. I love the making of snippet. It makes me wish harder for a longer program. C’mon BBC! Regardless of chart position and sales, I will appreciate the album more because the songs are her own personal choices. Her joy, passion and commitment are obvious on the video. She is in top form in every way. Counting down the release days …

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  4. Dame Shirley keeps flooring audiences worldwide with the marvel the her voice is and charming with her personality – I am most excited to hear this album, each and every track (probably, ‘Wild is the wind” a bit more than the others), the video is wonderful and promising. Bassey keeps defying age conventions when it comes to singing, long live DSB! We are lucky to have the one that is STIL HERE 😉

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  5. Hmm… the video has been removed and I cannot see this blog on Facebook any longer… however the official website got updated with the cover and links for purchase (UK)

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  6. BASSEY, the all undisputed absolute most diverse Voice and Queen of Classic Pop Vocalists. Her sound is profound and completely timeless! Wonderful photo for the cd. Who made up the lie she’s over 5o? 🙂 To bad the video cut out, I would like to have seen it too. Obviously she’s “gonna” nail it to the wall again with this cross section of material. Much o f God’s Loyal Love to her in her recovery. Thanks blog for all your efforts and as usual – “LONG LIVE THE DAME!!”

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