This Is What You Are – Hear Today’s Première Of Lead Single From New Shirley Bassey Album – Hit or Miss?

Played by Ken Bruce on his BBC Radio 2 show this morning. Click below to listen and then vote in our poll to share your opinion…

Some recent comments from Paloma Faith on Dame Shirley Bassey…

From Facebook the ‘Making Of’ video mysteriously deleted from the DSB Official Youtube channel. With special thanks to Di Bignell…


On second thoughts, watch below on Youtube with another unlisted video from ‘Official DSB’ which is now ‘exclusive’ to Digital Spy

15 thoughts on “This Is What You Are – Hear Today’s Première Of Lead Single From New Shirley Bassey Album – Hit or Miss?”

  1. The best part of the news is that the video is back – unlike the lead single, it showcases Shirley’s brilliance and really does justice to her unique instrument and overall charisma. The single is pretty, the orchestration is very clever, but the vocal does not shine, and the mixing sounds raw to my ear, even rough at times – nothing to be impressed with, and it is Dame Shirley, for Pete’s sake – give the public something that will let THAT VOICE truly shine and take people’s breath away.

    It’s a C+ from me – to the management, not to Shirley, I am happy with anything that comes out from her at this point, even if they mic her in the bathtub 🙂

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  2. I actually like it very much, I think it’s rather catchy. But a hit, I’m not sure about that. Have to agree though that I am so hooked on the Dame’s voice that, as Paul O’Grady, once pointed out, she could easily sing a phonebook and turn it into a masterpiece! 😉
    Really looking forward to the CD; pre-ordered mine in the Netherlands this afternoon!

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  3. Nice orchestration. A hit? No. Her excellent vocal ability does not prevail here. I think “I’m Still Here” has much more chance of being a hit….she commands it.

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  4. The musical arrangement is really great, Dame Shirley Bassey sounds fabulous. I’m trying to understand the meaning of the lyrics…besides this is what you are. It sounds like a lover somewhat emotionally abusing their lover, which I don’t like, and isn’t anything to be happy about. If that is not the meaning of the lyrics, then it is a very good song. The beat is very catchy. I know all the songs on the CD will be great, and sang beautifully and expressively by Dame Shirley.

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  5. Everything DSB sings is a hit with me. In fact there are many pop songs I have only liked once she has sung them!
    I like the song and the arrangement, but not a fan of la la’s, I always think it is a cop out by he lyricist. I also think it is a bit over sung, would have liked to have heard a softer voice or a bigger arrangement.

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  6. I’m Really Excited About this C.D ,But [ I’M STILL HERE } Stands out for Me , I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO WALLOW IN IT, low Lights, A SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS, My Favourite Chair, & A NIGHT IN WITH The One & Only GREATEST ENTERAINER IN THE WORLD ,

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  7. Here’s the track information from one of the online music stores (Sainsbury’s entertainment) – given the tracks’ duration and the exact file sizes are listed, it is safe to assume, they got the album and are awaiting the release date to formally “drop” it.:

    1.This Is What You Are
    2.Englishman in New York
    4.I’m Still Here
    5.MacArthur Park
    6.Wild Is the Wind
    8.Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
    9.Here’s to Life
    10.It Was a Very Good Year
    11.Hello Like Before
    12.We Got Music
    13.Hey Jude
    MP3 Tracks: 13
    Duration: 53 mins 25 secs
    Format: MP3
    Quality: 320Kbps
    Size: 122.58 MB
    Main Artist: Dame Shirley Bassey
    Copyright Details: (P) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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  8. Sony made an extended, wonderfully insightful version of the video.I will add the link, but please beware – it is available for Germany only (maybe, some other European countries as well, try it) – so if you are tuning in from elsewhere – use a free proxy server.

    It includes much more of Goldfinger and the details behind the restoration of the original arrangement, as well as the mind-blowing-jaw-dropping finale of “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” – Shirley hits some stratospheric notes in crystal clear girlish head/mixed voice. I am floored. It is interesting that Mr. Barr actually makes a comment that Shirley has gained in range.

    More of the “I’m still here” is included as well.


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