The 1979 BBC-show # 2


For this weekend we have the second 1979 BBC- show.
Parts of it recorded at Disneyworld: with guests Tony Monopoly, Paul Daniels, and Freddie Cole. Shirley’s songs: I Could Have Danced All Night, Zippety Doo Da, Give A Little Whistle, He’s A Tramp, New York Medley, If, When You Smile, When You Wish Upon A Star, Something.

A special note about the beautiful, blue dress the Dame wears while singing ‘Something’. This is what she had to say about the dress in the 1994 BBC-documentary ‘The Slate’:

“Here’s another one but I’m terrified of the snake ’cause it wraps around my neck and I always think it’s going to bite me. So that doesn’t get worn too much. You see it goes around my neck … it is practically touches my boob I think … you see what I mean?  I don’t fancy being Cleopatra in this one.  I don’t want to die that way you know.  Well mind you if there was an ‘Anthony’ around I suppose I wouldn’t mind!”





sb-bbc-shows00291 (2)

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Two songs that were rejected for the British version of the second 1979 BBC Shirley Bassey Show but were broadcast in the USA: A duet with Tony Monopoly You Don’t Bring Me Flowers and When You Smile.

3 thoughts on “The 1979 BBC-show # 2”

  1. Thank you Pieter. Outdone yourself. The critic was truly a Mr. Scrooge who had it all wrong. Thank you for the video. What a spectacular performance of Dame Shirley and Tony Monopoly. Great pairing, and what an outrageous ending. Wish she would rehash this performance with another outstanding performer. That would be fantastic. Thank you!!!


  2. Well done , Pieter. I am surprised how much you have documented, even from the Radio Times which, at that time, was not exactly something you got delivered at home where we are (it was a weekly bike run to Damrak for me). Cheers, Paul

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