THE 1979 BBC-SHOW # 3

For this weekend we have the third 1979 BBC- show.
With guests Demis Roussos, the Drifters, and Lulu.
Songs: Tonight, Coming On Home To You, I Was Born To Be Bad, As We Fall In Love Once More, I’ll Be Your Audience, Never Never Never, Almost Like Being In Love (ballad), Time After Time, You’re The One That I Want (with Lulu).

1979 AF

DSB19790929 Radio Times p01

DSB19790929 Radio Times p02

DSB19790929 Radio Times p03

DSB19790929 Radio Times p04

DSB19790929 Radio Times p05

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2 thoughts on “THE 1979 BBC-SHOW # 3”

  1. Thank you Pieter. When was this interview and broadcast aired Pieter? What a great and insightful article. The interviewer was exceptional, giving us greater insight into Dame Shirley’s personality and temperament which seems to be contrary to hear say. According to the interviewer, Dame Shirley is a trooper with a great sense of humor, down to earth, and beneath the toughness is a warm human being. I loved the guest in the video, and I never heard of Demiss Russos. Dame Shirley sang each song as exceptionally as she is always capable of. I love the skit with LuLu, and I always love the song “Born to Lose”, as sang by Dame Shirley. Thank you once again Pieter. You’ve outdone yourself once again.


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