THE 1979 BBC-SHOW # 4

For this weekend we have the fourth BBC show with guests Les Dawson, the Nolan Sisters, and Third World. Shirley’s songs: Something’s Coming, Hernando’s Hideaway/All You Need Is The Music, Yellowbird, How Insensitive, For All We Know, This Is My Life (disco version), I’d Like To Hate Myself In The Morning, A Couple of Swells (with Les Dawson), Climb Ev’ry Mountain.

PDVD_367Les Dawson (1931-1993) To find out more about this great British comedian click the picture above

PDVD_340Part of the show was filmed at Rockland’s bird sanctuary in Jamaica near Montego Bay. Miss Lisa Salmon explains to Shirley everything about the birds. Miss Salmon died in the year 2000 and was in her nineties. Her nephew Fritz took over the bird sanctuary after her death. If you want to visit the website of Rockland’s bird sanctuary click on the Yellow Bird. Below also a video about the bird sanctuary.


bird-sanctuaryMiss Salmon & Shirley Bassey

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These pictures were taken by Coby Westerhout (Holland) and you see Shirley after the show with fans who were present at the recording in the BBC studio in London.

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letter-1979-a - kopie (2)

As a bonus the beautiful song Daybreak by Barry Manilow that was also recorded for this BBC show but was not included in the British braodcast of the show but was only broadcast in the version of the show as shown in the USA.


2 thoughts on “THE 1979 BBC-SHOW # 4”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I thoroughly enjoyed this archive. Wish they would air some of Dame Shirley’s broadcast on BBC. I can see it here in the USA. Yes, as the writer stated in his article, Dame Shirley seemed at home in JAMAICA. Les Dawson was so funny, the Nolan Sisters were great, and Third World sounded superb. I seem to have spotted Dame Shirley dancing as Third World were singing with one of the local patrons. Looked like she was enjoying herself. Wonder if SERGIO got jealous seeing that…LOL!!! Pieter, was it around this time that Dame Shirley and Sergio started divorce proceedings? Thank you so much Pieter, and wishing you a Blessed, Happy New Year!!!


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