THE 1979 BBC-SHOW # 5

First of all the Blog Team wishes you all a very happy and healthy 2015!

For this weekend we have the fifth 1979 BBC show with guests Michel Legrand, Dusty Springfield, and the King Singers. Songs: You Take My Heart Away, Amour, Medley: Take Me Back To Hollywood/Cheek To Cheek/Crazy Rhythm, What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life, the Magic Is You, Till, Come In From The Rain, What I Did For Love.

The video above is blocked for some countries because of the Dusty Springfield clip. If this is the case for your country you can watch the video below without the Dusty Springfield clip.

An article from Wales online appropriate for this blog: For the full article CLICK HERE


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DSB19790929 Radio Times p05


3 thoughts on “THE 1979 BBC-SHOW # 5”

  1. I just wanted to thank all the team at the Blog for the hard work you all put in – Dame Shirley should be proud that you present her in the way that you do. On behalf of your many readers THANK YOU and every good wish for 2015.


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  2. To all the Blog Team and all the fans HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!! Team you have outdone yourself again with the this archive. I thoroughly enjoyed the Wales Online article, but Dame Shirley is the greatest of those on that list. Whether she can dance like Beyonce, or Madonna…LOL!!! I loved Dusty Springfield, and enjoy what I’ve heard from Adele. She left off the list Whitney Houston. Dame Shirley is so great and funny during the Jamaica taping, and sounds beautiful singing the Michele Legrand song, and each and each one included on the broadcast. Thank you so much!!!

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