The best of the 1979 BBC shows + unreleased tracks


Today’s blog features 2 items. Some unreleased and rejected songs for the 1979 BBC shows plus a compilation program of the best songs from those shows.

SB BBC Shows0019


SB BBC Shows0008


SB BBC Shows0016

SB BBC Shows0015


A program from the BB featuring a compilation of the 1979 BBC shows: Does Anybody Miss Me? You, You Romeo, I (Who Have Nothing), If I Never Sing Another Song, If, Wish Upon A Star, Nobody Does It Like Me, Something, Home Lovin’ Gal, Never, Never, Never, Time After Time, Born To Lose, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? Till, He Loves Me, What I Did For Love, I’d Like To Hate Myself In The Morning & Climb Ev’re Mountain.

Unseen and rejected songs from the 1979 BBC-shows:
Daybreak, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (duet with Tony Monopoly), When You Smile, For All We Know, The Shadow Of Your Smile, Make The World A Little Younger & As We Fall In Love Once More.


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4 thoughts on “The best of the 1979 BBC shows + unreleased tracks”

  1. Although I think I can understand WHY Shadow of Your Smile and Make the World a Little Younger were left out I totally disagree that they were because they are superb in my opinion. However, When You Smile is not so good, partly because the song is about as naff as they come but the way she sings the repeated ‘smile’ ‘smile’ smile’ in that very affected way is so off-putting and she doesn’t do it all the time. It could have been so much better if she had moderated the pronounciation. That said, almost everything about the ’79 series was marvellous. Not keen on some of the location stuff but it was the 1970’s! The studio performances were out of this world and too many to single out one. What we would give to have this series remastered and released on DVD!!! Thanks for the postings.


  2. Thanks for showing these; no reason I can think of that any of these songs should have been left out except for maybe the time factor? Anyway, we have them here now – wonderful stuff!



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