THE 1976 BBC-SHOW # 1

Today we start with the next series of  BBC shows . Shirley Bassey made 6 shows for the BC in 1976.  Today we show the first one with guests the Three Degrees & Charles Aznavour. Shirley’s songs: Don’t Rain On My Parade, The Old Fashioned Way, All That Jazz, I’ll Be Your Audience, When You Smile, If, On The Night of My Life, I Who Have Nothing, Natali, What I Did For Love.

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SB BBC Shows0028

1976 I

1976 AB

1976 AI

1976 AP

1976 AQ

1976 AT

1976 AZ

1976 BC

1976 H

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5 thoughts on “THE 1976 BBC-SHOW # 1”

  1. I remember watching her show every week as a boy, and I was already a fan before this. They should bring all her BBC shows out on DVD with extra features etc, you can get creaky old shows from the 50’s now on DVD why not Shirley?

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  2. Fantastic performance of I Who Have Nothing, which I have never seen before or if I have I don’t remember it. Interesting moment halfway through What I Did For Love when Shirley nearly came in about two bars early but stopped herself. It was so obvious I am surprised they didn’t go for a re-take, especially when you see performances that were cut from other shows that were flawless (Make the World a Little Younger, Shodow of your Smile to name but two from the 1979 series). One day, someone with half a brain at the BBC will release all of the 1976 and 1979 TV shows on a big boxed set. Given the BBC is funded by the licence fee payer they should be compelled to do it!!!!

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