THE 1976 BBC SHOW # 3

With guests: Gilbert o’Sullivan & Johnny Nash. Shirley’s songs: Almost Like Being In Love, Bye, By Blackbird, Alone Again (Naturally), Day By Day, I Capricorn, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever), Light My Fire, Till.

My part of the blog will be on holiday for the next two weeks. So till later!

Today the third 1976 BBC show. At the beginning of this show Shirley complains that her dog Emma is getting all the fanmail and she is getting none.
The last of this series of 6 shows was nominated in 1977 for the Rose of Montreux and in the brochure that was made for that was also an item about Emma that you can see below.

1976 F

1976 BO

1976 BA

1976 BN

1976 BR

Bye, Bye Blackbird
Bye, Bye Blackbird


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4 thoughts on “THE 1976 BBC SHOW # 3”

  1. Hi Pieter …. I am enjoying the run of these fantastic1979 shows, Shirley at her best! Thanks for showing them and sharing the letter you received – have a happy holiday.


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  2. Thank you Pieter. Glad you received a letter from Dame Shirley Bassey. I enjoyed this archive very much. Funny reading about the water skiing catastrophe, but one thing you can say…Shirley Bassey is a trooper and risk taker. Enjoyed the video and the pictures. Enjoy your well deserved two week break.


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