THE 1976 BBC SHOW # 5


Today the 5th. 1976 BBC show with guests Clive Westlake and Mel Tormé. Shirley’s songs: Sing, Jezahel, Good, Bad But Beautiful, As I Love You, The Way A Woman Loves, If I Never Sings Another Song, The Way We Were, Spinning Wheel, & The Party’s Over.
In this show was a song included (Sing) where Shirley had to sing on the back of a horse but the horse threw her off and she hurt her leg and was not able to walk for a few days. After the accident the director decided to take this particular scene out of the show. Below some newspaper articles about the mishap.

1976 AE

1976 BM

1976 C

1976 V (blog)

1976 W (blog)

This great photo I got from the Dutch press-agency Kippa in Amsterdam. It must have been 1977 and I went to Amsterdam, which is from where I live about 220 km. I was told they sold pictures there of Shirley.
Once I got there, their policy had changed and they did not sell pictures anymore. They were very friendly though and showed me drawers full of Shirley pictures. I felt like a child in a candy-store.
In the end they felt sorry for me because of the long trip I had made and they decided I could buy one picture only. As you can imagine it was very difficult for me to choose but I chose this one!

bbc show 3

bbc show 2

The 1976 Shirley Bassey shows were nominated for the ‘Rose of Montreux’ in 1977.


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One thought on “THE 1976 BBC SHOW # 5”

  1. Really a wonderful Broadcast. Dame Shirley sounds so funny speaking in her Welch language. I loved those songs “The Way a Woman Loves” and “Good, Bad and Beautiful” the first time I heard these beautiful songs many years ago. They don’t make singers, or performers like Dame Shirley these days. Clive Westlake how talented, and always loved Mel Torme. What a great singer! Thank you so much Pieter. Oh, sorry you took that long trip and could only buy one picture. Thanks…you’re the greatest for presenting these wonderful archives for us to enjoy.

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