Unreleased Shirley Bassey Songs ‘Why Can’t I Cry’ and ‘I Believe In Music’ Leaked!

Enjoy these while you can, they may be liable to removal!! Shirley Bassey recorded “Why Can’t I Cry” in 1968 plus “I Believe In Music” and “The Singer” in 1973 but they were never released at the time. Two great unearthed recordings from the ill fated 2012 CD set ‘Shirley’ (Fascinating article about this compilation and restoration)

Videos uploaded to YouTube by Dame Shirley Bassey Video – This channel is not endorsed by or affiliated with The Bassey Blog.

3 thoughts on “Unreleased Shirley Bassey Songs ‘Why Can’t I Cry’ and ‘I Believe In Music’ Leaked!”

  1. Fantastic, and thank you very much. I just submitted a comment to the BET Network that Dame Shirley should receive a BET Honors award for her many illustrious years in the entertainment arena, and her INTERNATIONAL impact to people of all nations, races, etc. Hopefully, they will consider my suggestion. I already nominated her for the Kennedy Center Honors Awards. Enjoyed this very much, and wish all the best to Dame Shirley Bassey, and all her fans.

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  2. Wonderful! Would be great if the other unreleased songs from that box and the vinyl-only releases as “Runaway” and “Copacabana”, could be published here as well. 🙂

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