The 1974 BBC show

Songs: A Lot Of Living To Do, When You Smile, Never-Never-Never, I Capricorn, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Something, Nobody Does It Like Me, Yesterday When I Was Young, Play Me, Sing, My Way,(Tonight I Gave) The Greatest Performance Of My Life.

1974 N

1974 AE


1974 AB (blog)

1974 AD (blog)

1974 AF (blog)1974 AG (blog)

1974 D

1974 T

1974 V

1974 AC

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1974 AJ

1974 W (blog)

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3 thoughts on “The 1974 BBC show”

  1. Absolutely Awesome performance by Dame Shirley Bassey. She proved any naysayers wrong with her dynamic, great performance and style. Loved the great articles and the lovely video. Dame Shirley was smart, and so funny…picked the diet over giving up Sergio…LOL! You’ve outdone yourself again Pieter with this archive. Thanks very much!!!

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