Music written by Larry Grossman and lyrics by Harold (Hal) Hackady.

Released 1973 on the album Never, Never, Never. Available on CD on the collection Bassey – The EMI/UA Years 1959 – 1979.

I don’t know if anyone else did this song before. I only know that the two who wrote this song have also written a musical together – “Snoopy” in 1975 about the little dog of Charlie Brown.

1973 RAH

1973 RAH 1







You are what you are
It was, what it was
The world didn’t end
The world never does
I wake up alive
From habit I guess
Yes, I can survive, one love more or less

And sometime, somewhere, somehow
I laugh all my laughter
I’ve cried my tears now
I want my years now
My years

I’ve nowhere to go
That I have to be
There’s no one I know
Who’s waiting for me
There’s so much inside
I still have to give
So much to be tried
A life time to live

And sometime, somewhere, somehow
I’ll have my tomorrow
Today won’t stop me
No way to stop me
Not now

The world still holds me
I want what’s due now
If not with you now
Then someone, sometime, somehow

(Transcribed by Roman)

And now as a bonus this out-of-this-world live version of Somehow from the 1972 Royal Albert Hall concert. The Never Never Never album was released in 1973 so at the time nobody in the audience had probably even heard of this song.  It is obvious from the audience reaction that it takes everybody by storm, including Shirley, because of the huge power and emotion she puts in it. It is a great song when heard on the album but it doesn’t seem an obvious choice to sing live but this must be her best live version of a song EVER! Initially this concert would have been released on an album but later they choose to release the Carnegie Hall concert instead.

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11 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 317 -1973-”

  1. Hey Pieter,
    DSB has sung so many, many songs and it is I think no coincidence, that fans often agree on which song is liked best and the reasoning. The ‘Never, never, never’ album was my first DSB record I bought and ‘ Somehow’ absolutely bowled me over in a way I cannot find superlatives.

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  2. That Royal Albert Hall concert !!! Wouwwwww!!
    That great voice, the handmoves, the timing and expression!
    There’s only one person who can perform in this spectaculair way
    and that is Dame Shirley Bassey!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. A great song performed brilliantly by Shirley. I remember attending this concert at the Bournemouth Winter Gardens the evening was magical and the cheers and applauding nearly brought the roof down!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It’s a shame that her 1973 Royal Albert Hall concert wasn’t released on album because it definitely was one of her BEST concerts! I wonder why they didn’t just release this and the Carnegie Hall concert—why settle on just one?


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