James Bond Spectre Theme Song Campaign Video #ItsGotToBeBassey

The video’s creators describe as: “2 men … 24 Bond films … 294 seconds … Watch us add ourselves seamlessly into EVERY Bond film (including Spectre) to tell all the 007s who we think should sing the theme song for Spectre … It’s got to be Bassey.”

14 thoughts on “James Bond Spectre Theme Song Campaign Video #ItsGotToBeBassey”

  1. There has been much emphasis on the three songs and that is because Dame Shirley has an outstanding voice and voice range…
    She is the gifted master of these songs.
    Any good performer could sing them but Dame Shirley makes them memorable!

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    1. No one can sing Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker the way Shirley Bassey can! It’s time for her to come back and sing another James Bond theme song. . . . it’s time!!

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  2. There was a moment in the cinema during Skyfall when Bond opens a garage door and there is his Aston Martin DB5 and a universal cheer went up…because people still hark back to the goden age of Bond and I think Craig is the only Bond of recent times to tap on this. I think if Bassey’s voice came over the opening titles of Spectre she’d not only bring the house down but probably pick up her long overdue Oscar.

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