Today the last song from the 1973 Never Never Never album. Together happens to be one of my favourite tracks from this fabulous album. Together was written by Graham Gouldman.

Released in 1973 on the album Never Never Never. This recording has sadly not been released on any widely issued CD, though it does appear on the now hard to find 1997 compilation, Glamour. It can also be found on the 2003 CD issue of the original album, though the quality of this release is extremely poor.

The song was originally recorded by Wayne Fontana in 1973, and he released it on a single around the same time that Shirley’s album was released.





Since you’ve been gone I’m feeling blue
I think of me I think of you
So many things we used to do together

Feeling the way I do today
I can remember yesterday
You said that we would always stay together

I walk the city streets alone
Cold as the coldest city stone
Go to the places we have known together

I tell myself that nothing stays the same
I’m behaving like a kid just out of school
I’m just a fool

Deep in the night I call your name
Dreaming that you are back again
No one is there to ease the pain without you

Maybe it’s fate we had to part
Sorrow is sweet so when we start
Meeting again you know my heart I love you

I see the faces stop and stare
In every window everywhere
Oh how I wish that we were there together

What has been done is dead and gone
Can’t we forget nobody’s won
Isn’t it time for us to come together

I tell myself that nothing stays the same
I’m behaving like a kid just out of school
I’m just a fool

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3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 321 -1973-”

  1. Thank you. Once again you have outdone yourself Pieter, Astrid. I love the letter written to George, the background information of the song, and the great pictures of Dame Shirley Bassey looking so classy and very happy. Also, a lovely song. Thank you very much!


  2. Yes indeed Paul – the BGO reissue (with GBBB on a second disc) is still on sale. We should take every opportunity to big up the BGO reissues and promote sales while some material remains unreleased! The recent Original Album Series reissue also contains the NNN album with ‘Together’.


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