‘The Fight For Survival’ – Italian TV Title Song by Shirley Bassey and The Folkstudio Singers

The opening sequence of this 1970 Italian TV series “la lotta dell’uomo per la sua sopravvivenza” by director Roberto Rossellini was recently brought to our attention. It features a title song performed by Shirley Bassey and the Folkstudio singers:

“First of a series of twelve episodes of the great director Rossellini, broadcast by TV between 1970 and 1971. Throughout the series tackles the analysis of the human condition on Earth in different historical periods, divided by themes in each episode. The common thread is the suffering of man on his planet, his eternal struggle for survival. It starts from the beginning of mankind, from prehistory extending to the present and even the future of Western civilization. In this episode we talk, in particular, of the first men who were forced to seek shelter in caves from freezing ice age and, after the discovery of fire, their condition of life begins to improve. Born the first forms of worship: worship of the dead, totemism etc .. When he finished the last period of the ice age, man left the caves and built the first villages: born the organization of social life.

Man’s life is essentially, irrefutably, desperately and inevitably struggle to survive. This struggle they faced, and the face in practice, all the generations that alternate unabated in the tragic cycle of life and death. This fight they put in evidence and rationalized, abstract thinking, the great philosophers of all ages, never getting tired of emphasising the suffering and the tragedy that is the foundation, which is inherent in the contradiction of existence same and life of all beings on the planet, forced to tear you to each other to keep themselves alive. The man in particular is located between two forces, or rather, he finds in his two wills antithetical and contrasting protesters strident antagonism. The first is expressed by the law of the satisfaction of the needs of existence, with all the content of suffering that it entails; the second, with constant aspiration towards a greater need, the need of a transcendental reality, accompanied by a pain even more extreme. One is physical, the other metaphysical. Both, in their dramatic opposition, pushing the man to a contradiction increasingly strident; place him in front of a huge, scary paradox, in the eternal struggle with himself for the choice between good and evil!”

Click the player above for an edited audio only version of the song. Italian film soundtrack composer Mario Nascimbene is credited for the music, with conducting by Roberto Pregadio:

Song credits from “la lotta dell’uomo per la sua sopravvivenza”

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