Concert for the Duke of Edinburgh’s 80th. birthday. Songs: Goldfinger, Something & Big Spender

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2001 E

On May 24th, 2001 a concert took place in the Royal Albert Hall in London to mark the 80th Birthday of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, which is on June 10th. Among many other artists, Dame Shirley Bassey appeared, and performed three songs.

Shirley Bassey was introduced by former Scary Spice Girl, Mel B and opened with Goldfinger, then sang Something and then before performing Big Spender, she wished His Royal Highness a Happy Birthday and said how honoured she was to be asked to perform at tonight’s birthday celebrations.

After the evenings biggest applause Shirley led the line-up in singing Happy Birthday to Prince Philip. He walked onto the stage towards her, both arms outstretched and kissed her on the cheek as she curtseyed to him.

2001 D

Prince Philip was all smiles at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the venue for a glittering party to honour the 45th anniversary of his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme and also his 80th. birthday. Guests included pop band Hear’ Say, who laughed and joked with the prince, waving a microphone at him in an attempt to interview him! Singing sensation Dame Shirley Bassey, who looked radiant in a floor-length shimmering gown, roared with laughter as she chatted to Prince Philip, before posing.

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