Viva Diva -1998-

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In 1998 Dame Shirley Bassey performed in front of the pyramids in Egypt on October the 8th. This special was recorded 4 days prior to that  inspired by that performance. It was broadcast on New Years Eve 1998 by the BBC. This show was also broadcast later in the USA and Canada as a slightly different version with added interviews with Shirley. Songs: I Am What I Am, As I Love You, Johnny One Note, History Repeating, Yesterday When I Was, You’ll See, Razzle Dazzle, I Want To Know What Love Is, You’ll See, All That Jazz, With One Look, Everything’s As If We Never Said Goodbye & Goldfinger.

Goldfinger was not the last song Shirley sang during the recording of this show, she still had two more to record. During her entrance with the elevator a piece of the gold glitter got caught in her throat and you can see she is coughing during the end titles. It was very pain-full to her but she proved to be a real professional and completed the recordings.

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This photo was taken during the recording of the show. Shirley was sitting on a very high stage and was singing ‘Cabaret’ but she was very scared of the height and could not perform the song and they decided to take it out.

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